It’s Knittin’ Time

Don’t let the Yancey Street Gang know about it, but Ben Grimm’s now into knits.  When the creator of this gem figures out how to make a flaming Johnny Storm, I’ll be impressed.

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Good Hood Hunting

Usually these sets of JLU figures don’t interest me, but I might just have to purchase this one. Yes, it would mean owning yet another Batman, Superman and Flash figure (I think I’ll soon drown in them), and the Grodd figure, while cool, is nothing terribly exciting. No, the real reason to buy this set is for the Red Hood/Joker figure.  Has anyone seen this in a local Target (it’s an exclusive to them)?  If so, let us know if the Hood looks as good in reality as he does in this photo.

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Maker Faire: Life-Size Mouse Trap Game

It doesn’t have anything to do with comics, I realize, but how could I resist drawing your attention to this amazing attempt at recreating the classic Mousetrap game in fleshspace? Certainly the builder has a preturnatural amount of free time on his hands. What board games would make a great follow-up to this masterpiece? Read the full story below….


I’m not sure what the recent trend is, but everyone seems to be life-sizing my childhood. Remember the game Mousetrap? Yes, the game that was fun for 30 seconds, and not worth the effort and time it took to set it up. Someone has created a life-size replicate of the Mousetrap Rube Goldberg machine. Rather than dropping the cage on the mouse and cheese, like in the original, this monstrous version will drop a safe on any object of your choosing (to crush and destroy). It will be on display at the Maker Faire next month. –Travis Hudson

Full Scale Mousetrap Kinetic Sculpture [OhGizmo!]

Source: Maker Faire: Life-Size Mouse Trap Game
Originally published on Mon, 16 Apr 2007 19:00:05 GMT

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“Ah, Hasbro, how you love to screw with us”

One of the best toy/action figure sites out there, Michael Crawford’s Captain Toy site, has reviews of two of the new Spider-Man 3 figures (Venom and the super-articulated, black-suited Spidey). Alas, the figures ain’t great (not too big a surprise, given Hasbro’s uneven track record), but I still wouldn’t mind getting my hands on one of the Spider-man figures. The review implies that these are pretty easily found, but that is certainly not the case in my neck of the woods. How about where you live?

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