It’s Knittin’ Time

Don’t let the Yancey Street Gang know about it, but Ben Grimm’s now into knits.  When the creator of this gem figures out how to make a flaming Johnny Storm, I’ll be impressed.

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Good Hood Hunting

Usually these sets of JLU figures don’t interest me, but I might just have to purchase this one. Yes, it would mean owning yet another Batman, Superman and Flash figure (I think I’ll soon drown in them), and the Grodd figure, while cool, is nothing terribly exciting. No, the real reason to buy this set is for the Red Hood/Joker figure.  Has anyone seen this in a local Target (it’s an exclusive to them)?  If so, let us know if the Hood looks as good in reality as he does in this photo.

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Has Doomsday Come for Superman Again?

Reviews are coming in from around the net about the newly-released Superman: Doomsday DVD, and they are mixed, at best.  I haven’t seen it yet, but I typically have faith in Bruce Timm and his creative vision of the DC Universe.  Justice League Unlimited was outrageously good, though, admittedly, not everything the Timm/Dini team created was up to that same standard (the first season of Justice League immediately comes to mind).  For some unknown reasons, the creative team decided to ditch the usual voice talent (Tim Daly, Clancy Brown, etc) for what I can only guess are perceived as higher-profile voice talents (though I’m not certain anyone considers Anne Heche or Adam Baldwin to be A-List talent).

Have any readers here seen the DVD? What are your thoughts?

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