The Lightning Saga: WTF????

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No spoilers here. Promise.  I hate when comics fanboys assume that everyone reads the latest issues the moment they arrive.  Some of us actually take a while to get caught up on certain story arcs, or just wait for a month’s worth of books to arrive in the mail (right Peat Muppet?).  In any case, this was not intended to be a rant about spoilers, but instead a rant about the recent JLA/JSA/Legion crossover event The Lighting Saga.  I think my title for this post expresses my view on this particular storyline.

Was it just me, or was this story almost impenetrable? Sometimes I thought there was too much going on, but other times there didn’t seem to be much of a story at all.  The ONLY redeeming factor was the Geoff Johns JSA issues, and even they served only to interrupt the ongoing story he’s been creating there over the past few months.

And what about the ending (again, no spoilers…)???  Is this what was supposed to happen, a happy/unhappy accident or just plain out bad writing (or all three, for that matter)?  It seems too early for a massive crossover in two books which are just getting their footing again.  Wait a year or more before trying this again, guys.

Overall Rating (out of 10):  5 (JLA Issues), 6 (JSA Issues)


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Brubaker + Epting – Cap = Totally Cool


Ed Brubaker continues to amaze me with his writing on this book. I mean, who else could get away with producing a completely riveting (and complicated) story arc without the title character? There just doesn’t seem to be any lame concept in Captain America’s past that Brubaker cannot infuse with total cool. This issue featured a newly-restored Serpent Society, and again Brubaker took these fairly useless villains and made them ruthless and horrifying.

Steve Epting’s gritty, realistic art hearkens back to even the legendary Steranko, and coupled with the fantastic storytelling there are really few negatives I can find.

I was a latecomer to this newest Cap series, but I’m glad I’ve finally caught up.

Overall Rating (out of 10): 9

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All-Flash: When Just One Flash Won’t Do


There’s nothing quite like the return of an old friend – and by this, I mean Mark Waid as much as I mean Wally West.  It’s clear from the very start of All-Flash that this is the character Mark Waid was born to write.  There’s a fluidity of language here that is missing in so much of his other work (though that “other work” ain’t shabby either). 

If there are any quibbles about the book, it’s that the art (handled by a cadre of very talented artists) is inconsistent. That’s not to say that it’s poor – rather that one artist’s idea of what a character looks like might be radically different from another’s.  This lends the issue a disjointed visual element, which fortunately Waid makes up for with a superb script and an excellent revenge against the man (boy?) ultimately responsible for Bart’s death.

Overall Rating (out of 10): 8

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