I’ll Watch the Watchmen. Will You?

After a MASSIVELY long time, it seems the fabled Watchmen movie is finally going to be a reality.  Comic fandom now holds its collective breath in hopes that the film doesn’t completely blow.  The cast looks promising, considering that the producers didn’t pander the thing to every starlet and mega-star-wannabe on the block.  I’m most hyped about Jackie Earle Haley playing Rorschach. Based on his performance in Little Children, this is a man born to play the role.  The Watchmen website is spare, but it does contain the new poster (released at ComiCon) with art by Dave Gibbons.  Have a look-see:



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The Dark Knight Teaser Trailer

How could I resist posting this?


YouTube – The Dark Knight Teaser Trailer

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Doomsday Comes for Superman…Again??

Even though I was far from the biggest fan of the entire Death of Superman arc way back when, I’m excited about the forthcoming animated movie based on that story.  Basically, anything done in the neo-classic Bruce Timm/Paul Dini style is worth watching (though it will be hard to surpass the final episodes of their Justice League Unlimited).  In fact (and I think this argument was made SEVERAL times after the Batman: Mask of the Phantasm film was released) I would prefer that they just make the animated films and skip the live action stuff (Christopher Nolan excepted, natch).  Obviously that will never happen, but can anyone explain why the Dini/Timm production team doesn’t stay on a project for more than a few seasons?  Oh well… maybe we can hope for a Justice League film next.


YouTube – Superman Doomsday Trailer!

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Persepolis Transitions to Film

Marjane Satrapi’s brilliant graphic novel has quickly developed into an animated film.  The current release is in French, but Sony Classics has optioned it for an American release.  The preview (see below) looks tremendous! Now, if only someone could be daring enough to adapt Maus!

YouTube – Persepolis – Teaser

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Emo-Parker Has Nothing on This

Here’s a little something to think about whenever you groan at the emo-Peter sequence in Spider-Man 3 or the Galactus-cloud-thingie in Rise of the Silver Surfer.  It could be worse….Much, MUCH worse…

YouTube – Ghetto Man Roasts The SuperFriends

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Edward Norton is The Incredible Hulk


The blogosphere is abuzz with the latest news about the Incredible Hulk.  While the prospect of Edward Norton playing Banner is certainly interesting, I’m more concerned about the approach the new director will take.  In the comics, the Hulk has always been a malleable creation, given to radical changes in the hands of whoever happens to be writing/drawing the book at any given time.  Maybe that’s the best path for the movies, then.  Let each Hulk movie be a standalone creation, with different actors, directors and writers trying their ‘take’ on the character.  At least that would give the movie series something unique, and it might attract some a-list talent in the process.  More from 4colorrebellion and elsewhere below.

While I found Ang Lee’s take on The Hulk to be a rather dull overall experience, there was one thing I really liked about it: Eric Bana as Bruce Banner. His portrayal of the tormented character was, I felt, very believable and sincere, and I’d hoped to see him reprise the role with a more fitting director.

That’s not going to happen, though, as Universal has announced that Edward Norton will assume the role in next year’s The Incredible Hulk, to be directed by Louis Leterrier (Transporter 2, Unleashed). Personally, I’m feeling rather ‘meh’ on the whole affair at the moment, but that’s nothing a wicked teaser trailer couldn’t change in a heartbeat, so I’ll keep an open mind. What do you think of Norton as Banner?

Story at Super Hero Hype

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Creator Chronicles

The video/audio quality is not the greatest, but the Creator Chronicles DVDs are looking like a must-own for any comics aficionado. The list of artists and writers interviewed is deep, including Bill Sienkiewicz (see video above), Michael Golden, George Perez and more.  It’s gratifying to see some of these old-school artists finally getting the respect they are due, since they laid the groundwork for much of what is going on now in comics.

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A Test for Rorshach

How this happened, or how it was discovered, I have no idea, but someone, somewhere noticed that there was a test image for Watchmen character Rorshach embedded in a recent theatrical trailer for 300. Now, of course, it’s everywhere (including here), leading me to think that this is more a case of viral marketing than a happenstance occurrence. That’s ok though. We’ve all been waiting for a Watchmen movie for years. It seems a little surreal that it’s so close to becoming a reality. Clearly the intention is to virtually generate the sets and environments, a-la Sin City and the aforementioned 300, but is that a good idea? Is this the only way we’re going to see comic book movies anymore? Has anyone seen a movie with predominantly virtual scenery where the acting was exceptional or even merely passable (and yes, I’m lookin’ your way, Star Wars: Episodes I-III, Sky Captain, etc, etc, etc…)?

Add to all of this the fact that director Zach Snyder is already warning fans that there will be some changes from the comic to the big screen. While this fact is expected, some of the changes he mentions are of questionable taste, such as making the female character’s costumes “sexier” and making Nite-Owl “more terrifying” (correct me if I’m wrong here, but isn’t he SUPPOSED to be an overweight, geeky has-been?). While I’m looking forward to seeing these characters finally make it to a film, I also understand why Alan Moore has distanced himself from the films of his work.

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