Maker Faire: Life-Size Mouse Trap Game

It doesn’t have anything to do with comics, I realize, but how could I resist drawing your attention to this amazing attempt at recreating the classic Mousetrap game in fleshspace? Certainly the builder has a preturnatural amount of free time on his hands. What board games would make a great follow-up to this masterpiece? Read the full story below….


I’m not sure what the recent trend is, but everyone seems to be life-sizing my childhood. Remember the game Mousetrap? Yes, the game that was fun for 30 seconds, and not worth the effort and time it took to set it up. Someone has created a life-size replicate of the Mousetrap Rube Goldberg machine. Rather than dropping the cage on the mouse and cheese, like in the original, this monstrous version will drop a safe on any object of your choosing (to crush and destroy). It will be on display at the Maker Faire next month. –Travis Hudson

Full Scale Mousetrap Kinetic Sculpture [OhGizmo!]

Source: Maker Faire: Life-Size Mouse Trap Game
Originally published on Mon, 16 Apr 2007 19:00:05 GMT


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Invade Your Feet

Not comics-related, I realize. Just plain cool. Click the link below for a site that teaches you how to create your own Space Invaders socks. Hmmmm….I sense a potential cottage industry here. Anyone for a Sinistar scarf?  I HUNGER for  one………………

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