Eisner Comics Awards Nominees Announced

 I’ll have to be honest here – most of the graphic novels listed below I haven’t read.  I guess I’m too much of a superhero junkie for my own good.  On that front, however, I’m glad to see Ed Brubaker recognized for his outstanding work on the Captain America series, which will continue publishing even after Cap’s untimely demise.  Normally, I’d call this whole thing a monstrous publicity stunt (and it is one, ultimately), but with Brubaker writing the series I’m anxiously awaiting what he plans to do from this point. 

The nominees for the 19th annual Eisners, the comics industry equivalent of the Oscars, were announced today. The nominees cover 29 categories, but, unlike the Grammys, with their “Best Quiet Storm R&B Performance by a Group with Two or Three Performers” micro-pigeonholing, the Eisners tend to be grouped by form and function rather than genre, so you’ll often find superheroes alongside manga alongside indie memoir comix, all in the same category. Among the multiple nominees: writer Ed Brubaker for the Captain America and Criminal series, Tony Millionaire for Billy Hazelnuts and Sock Monkey: The Inches Incident, and Alison Bechdel for Fun Home. Here are the nominees for two of the major long-form categories:

Graphic Album–New:

Graphic Album–Reprint:

Winners announced at the San Diego ComicCon in July. –Tom, Amazon Bookstore

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I Am Galactus, and I Can Make It Rain!

Courtesy of Ain’t It Cool News comes word that the new Fantastic Four movie will feature Galactus, but not like he is represented in the comics.  Rather…. get this…. he’ll be a storm cloud.   Oooooohh…. are you feeling threatened yet?  Well, these are the same folks who destroyed Dr. Doom, so what do you expect?  As for me, if this rumor holds true, I’ll skip this one just like I did the first…

Hey, everyone. ”Moriarty” here. … and my theory is this: Tom Rothman was once molested by a giant. No, seriously. It all makes sense now. This is the guy who absolutely resisted any attempts to put the Sentinels in any of the X-MEN movies, who once famously said, “There won’t be any giant robots in any movie my studio makes.” And now… well, now Fox has finally locked down the look of Galactus in the film that is, I’m now hearing from people on the picture, “a heartbreake

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Marshall Rogers, Batman comic book artist, dies at 57

There’s simply no denying that Marshall Rogers was one of the very best artists to ever interpret the Batman and his Rogues Gallery, and certainly one of the earliest to bring a modern sense of design and style to the comic book world.  Just look at the recent Batman: Hush storyline to see how Rogers influenced Jim Lee (among many others).  if you’ve never read any of these books, you owe it to yourself to find some reprints – particularly any issues involving the Joker.  Rest in peace, Marshall.

CA Mar 28 2007 Marshall Rogers a comic book artist remembered for bringing a film noir feel and an architect’s eye to Batman comics in the 1970s has died unexpectedly in
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LINK: Marshall Rogers, Batman comic book artist, dies at 57 KSBY from Google News

Comic book artist Marshall Rogers dies at 57 – Akron Beacon Journal
Marshall Rogers, Batman comic book artist , dies at 57 – San Francisco Chronicle
MORE FROM Contra Costa Times | KGET 17 | KGET 17 | San Diego Union Tribune | Shanghai Daily | Pittsburgh Tribune-Review | Connellsville Daily Courier

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Captain Castle????

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I  had a bad feeling about this.  I mean a really, really bad feeling.  Ever since the Punisher picked up Captain America’s mask in the final pages of Civil War, I knew something was going to happen.  Something synergistic….and capitalistic….and maybe just downright crass.  So here we have it: the debut of Frank Castle’s new costume, incorporating elements of, guess what, Captain America’s uniform.  I’ll reserve judgment until I read the issue where all of this happens (see below), but for the moment all I can hear is Steve Rogers spinning in his grave. 

Frank Castle becomes the new Captain America…?

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Edward Norton is The Incredible Hulk


The blogosphere is abuzz with the latest news about the Incredible Hulk.  While the prospect of Edward Norton playing Banner is certainly interesting, I’m more concerned about the approach the new director will take.  In the comics, the Hulk has always been a malleable creation, given to radical changes in the hands of whoever happens to be writing/drawing the book at any given time.  Maybe that’s the best path for the movies, then.  Let each Hulk movie be a standalone creation, with different actors, directors and writers trying their ‘take’ on the character.  At least that would give the movie series something unique, and it might attract some a-list talent in the process.  More from 4colorrebellion and elsewhere below.

While I found Ang Lee’s take on The Hulk to be a rather dull overall experience, there was one thing I really liked about it: Eric Bana as Bruce Banner. His portrayal of the tormented character was, I felt, very believable and sincere, and I’d hoped to see him reprise the role with a more fitting director.

That’s not going to happen, though, as Universal has announced that Edward Norton will assume the role in next year’s The Incredible Hulk, to be directed by Louis Leterrier (Transporter 2, Unleashed). Personally, I’m feeling rather ‘meh’ on the whole affair at the moment, but that’s nothing a wicked teaser trailer couldn’t change in a heartbeat, so I’ll keep an open mind. What do you think of Norton as Banner?

Story at Super Hero Hype

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You DO Like Reading Off Screens

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I’m struggling with the whole ebook thing lately. I’ll admit that I read most of my comics as digital files (I’m a teacher and therefore poor. I recognize that is not the very best justification out there, but it will have to do for now), and that my choice to do that has several amazing benefits, the most notable (other than the obvious economic one) is that I no longer have to figure out what to do with boxes upon boxes of comic books. They are now safely stored on a backup hard drive, where I can read them whenever I’d like. Digital storage has a LOT going for it. After a long fight against it, I’ve finally chucked the notion of purchasing CDs, though I will miss the lyrics and other information included in the booklet. Ebooks, though, …….I just don’t know. I can’t get into it. Unlike comics, which ultimately just cluttered my life, and CDs, which could so easily be stored on an iPod, books have some sort of ineffable quality that I just plain miss when I’m reading an ebook.

I know I’m not alone in this. The attempt to market ebooks to readers has moved at a snail-like pace as opposed to other digital media. Consumers just don’t seem to want to give up the comfort of their paperbacks. I have tried to give it a fair shot, however, and have been delighted at the number of authors who are currently making many of their works available for free as downloads from sites such as Manybooks. And I’ve enjoyed the reading freedom provided by free software like Mobipocket (available as a free download, with free extensions so you can carry your ebook anywhere with your mobile phone). Still, I haven’t turned the corner yet.

Scroll on down and click the link to read sci-fi author Cory Doctorow’s take on the common ebook complaint. And read some of Doctorow’s books while you’re at it. At least the ebooks are free.

Locus Magazine

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Maker Faire: Life-Size Mouse Trap Game

It doesn’t have anything to do with comics, I realize, but how could I resist drawing your attention to this amazing attempt at recreating the classic Mousetrap game in fleshspace? Certainly the builder has a preturnatural amount of free time on his hands. What board games would make a great follow-up to this masterpiece? Read the full story below….


I’m not sure what the recent trend is, but everyone seems to be life-sizing my childhood. Remember the game Mousetrap? Yes, the game that was fun for 30 seconds, and not worth the effort and time it took to set it up. Someone has created a life-size replicate of the Mousetrap Rube Goldberg machine. Rather than dropping the cage on the mouse and cheese, like in the original, this monstrous version will drop a safe on any object of your choosing (to crush and destroy). It will be on display at the Maker Faire next month. –Travis Hudson

Full Scale Mousetrap Kinetic Sculpture [OhGizmo!]

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“Ah, Hasbro, how you love to screw with us”

One of the best toy/action figure sites out there, Michael Crawford’s Captain Toy site, has reviews of two of the new Spider-Man 3 figures (Venom and the super-articulated, black-suited Spidey). Alas, the figures ain’t great (not too big a surprise, given Hasbro’s uneven track record), but I still wouldn’t mind getting my hands on one of the Spider-man figures. The review implies that these are pretty easily found, but that is certainly not the case in my neck of the woods. How about where you live?

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